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Red Splat There is now a new, fully featured Bulletin Board hosted by one of my other sites. This can be accessed by clicking the button below.

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Red Splat Ask any questions you like and post your questions on the Bulletin Board. If you want to request a strategy for KKND2, there is now a special page for this. Alternatively you can comment on the site through the Guestbook or privately by Writing a Letter.


[] I need a web site made really quickly but I don't have much money to get someone to do it for me.
If you are looking for a really quick and inexpensive solution to this issue, please visit QuikSite, an amazingly cool 5 page web site design service. You can have a whole site made to any design scheme for only 50 or $85!



[] I need help urgently! I've recently bought KKND2 but when I load up the game my mouse freezes and all I can do is press ESC and go back to windows, but then my mouse is still frozen in windows! How do I fix this problem? I've tried downloading the patch fro the KKND2 site but there's an error and the file isn't able to be downloaded any more !! What can I do? - Mark Rowan
You can post a reply here if you know a solution for this problem, or email Mark direct.


[] How can I change the colours of the Message window in ICQ?
In order to alter the colours in the ICQ messaging window to any colour you would like, just follow these steps. Firstly change the text and background colours to white. Open up the registry editor by typing regedit in the Run menu and browse to: HKey_Local_User\ Software\ Mirabilis\ ICQ\ Owners\ 27516936\ Windows\ SendMsg . Double click Back Color and Pen Color and enter the hexidecimal colours into the value data box. To obtain the colour you want using standard red/green/blue HTML palette, just place the last two digits at the beginning. The registry views colours in the order of blue/red/green.

ICQ Messaging Window

[] How do I open and use ICL icon files?
Icon Library Files (ICLs) are not supported by the Windows Icon selection windows. When you download ICLs from this site it will most likely be compressed. The default path for extraction of the icon library is: C:\Windows\Icons. Unless you have a good Icon Handler program, you will be unable to edit these files or add your own icons to the library. However if you wish to have shortcuts or file types showing an icon from the library, you must select "Change Icon" in the Properties menu. Browse to where you extracted the icon library. Select "All Files" from the "Files of type", then you will be able to see the ICL file. Open the icon library and select one image you want to use. 

Selecting the ICL icon


[] My WordPerfect 6.1 start up disk is corrupted , I would appreciate it if someone could send me a copy? - Mel Wood
You can post a reply here if you know where to find such a download, or email Mel direct.
[] I created my own KKND2 mission using the mission-editor. When I choose this mission in the game, KKND2 crashes after loading the mission! Any idea what could be wrong? - HZM
Perhaps you should try loading the game without any other programs running at the same time. If you tried inserting a new tile set into the game, this will cause it to crash and you will have to start the level again, from scratch. Check the positioning of the units or landscape to see if there are any errors, also check the mission objectives and the starting positions. If there are too many units or landscape features, or the map is too large, this will increase the likelihood of the game crashing.
[] What is command to delete Windows 95 for reinstallisation? - Frank
There are three options you can take: the first, if you have Windows 3.1 previously on the computer, you might be able to uninstall Windows 95, like an ordinary program, under Control Panel. If you don't have any previous version of Windows, you can simply exit to DOS, and then type: CD D:\ [Enter] and then Setup [Enter]. If you have very little space on your main hard drive, it might be advisable to take the third option, by backing up important data and making a boot-up disk, then formatting your hard disk and installing from scratch with the boot-up disk.
[] Do you have any mouse pointers or animations from the game: Dune II? - Nadee
I have a small Harvester animation and a really cool Flash movie of the introduction movie in my Dune II section of Nahoo. Unfortunately, besides a huge set of icons, I do not know where to find any more extravagant animations or movie clips from the game, or any cursors. I could compile a set of my own, but I haven't had much time recently. If anyone knows where to find some more multimedia related to Dune II, please add your posting here.
[] How can I change the title name of Internet Explorer 5?
Open Registry editor, you can do this by typing "regedit" in the Run menu. Open branches as follows:
HKey_Local_Machine\ Software\Microsoft \Internet Explorer \Main then change the Window Title to your own specification.

Internet Explorer title bar

[] When I list a directory in DOS, it shows files continuously with no break by default. How can I change this default setting?
Customise the DIR command by adding SET DIRCMD= /P in your autoexec.bat, this will automatically use the page break feature whenever you type DIR from the command prompt. Alternatively, try SET DIRCMD= /P /O:GNE to also arrange the files. G will list the directories first, N places the files in alphabetical order and E will list files of the same in order by the extension.
[] I want to get a counter for my site. It must be customisable and easily placed into many pages.
I have looked around at many counter sites. The best, by far, is CyberCount. This site offers unparalleled choice of counters designs and appearances and they are very easily inserted into pages. There are comprehensive statistics of your visitors, clearly shown with graphs.
[] Where can I get this game? Do I have to buy it in the stores our can I download it offline?

If you want to get KKND2 Krossfire, you should go to your local computer games store. I am sure they'll have a copy in stock, otherwise you could always order a copy. I haven't seen many online retailers for this game, but there is certainly some out there. As I live in England, I cannot be any more specific. Good luck on finding the game.

Series 9 Robot

[] I'm always dying trying to get enough resources from the windmill for a power plant in the Survivors Mission: Fist in the Middle.

Press [Ctrl] and select all your troops with the mouse. Move them East and then North up the side of the map, destroy all the Evolved you see along the way. Move West when you reach the top of the map, where you will find a base which needs a little repair. The remainder of the mission is no problem, the oil will be flowing and you can make some cool units to destroy the Evolved base.

KKND2 - Survivors Base to the North

[] Could anyone tell me how to solve the Phoenix River Suicide Trip mission for Survivors? - Ken Koala

The mission briefing gives you a clue, send units which can travel on water up the river, tell them to wait just out of range from the three Pod Cannons. Send some men and a few Technicians with them, through the woods by the river, and stop them before they reach the Pod Cannons. When you have enough water units to distract the Pod Cannons for a few seconds, send the Technicians across the river and down the other side. You will find a tech bunker with enough long range fire power to annihilate Series 9.

KKND2: Krossfire Screenshot - Pheonix River Suicide Trip - Tech Bunker on other side of river


I am playing the Survivor mission where you have to rescue the Captive. I am unable to airlift my soldier out at the end of the mission. How do I call or create an air unit? - Phil

Take the captive to the safe zone (shown on map as turquoise rectangle), send all your re-enforcement's to protect him, not vehicles as they don't go through tunnels. Build up your base in the South and then destroy the Evolved and their anti-aircraft towers (Bazooka Batteries). Only when this task has been completed will the Airlifter come and land on the hill shown by the blue flag on the map. Click the Airlifter and send it up to the safe zone, click the Captive and then the Airlifter. Once the Captive is on the Airlifter tell it to fly back to your base.

Move your captive to the safe area and once your base has kicked off move him to the top left corner again and down into the cul-de-sac (dead end) where it is extremely safe. You should move every reinforcement to wait at the mouth of this area and build your base as usual. Destroy all the anti-air guns and your transport comes. Pick up the captive and then bring him home. - Ken Koala

KKND2: Krossfire Screenshot - The Great Escape - Captive Safe Zone


I need an efficient strategy for the final Survivor level. - Jeff Hinkle

Move your two mobile buildings in the far corner. Tell the me to hide south east of the building to their left. Press [F] for fight mode when the Series 9 robots turn up. Follow the road left, down and left by the river then go down into the gully, where you will find some more men waiting for you. Tell the men to destroy the bridge you passed. Destroy the electric fence of the small Series 9 base Use laser troopers to destroy tower and the tell them all to destroy the other tower. Destroy their base and set up camp. Tell most of your men to go back to the start position and down the road and destroy that bridge. This stops future attacks from the east. Use your skill to build a massive base and knock down any more bridges you see to the south. When you have lots of fire power attack the base to the south of you. Continue to follow the roads around the huge map and destroy all you see, there will be a few other bases which can all be accessed without the need of airlifting.


I have black streaks over my print outs when I use my HP Deskjet Printer.

I have tried the advice given out by HP Fax services, but it does not work. I have found that all you need to do is take a damp rag and wipe the underneath of the cartridge carriage. The carriage is very close to the level of the cartridge nozzle and it often picks up dirt and ink if the printer is housed in a dusty environment.

[] My HP 660C printer makes loud clacking noises during printing, how can I stop this?
The noise is the result of dirt and ink on the the metal rail. As the cartridge carriage moves it sticks and the motor makes a noise. Clean the metal rail which the cartridge carriage travels along, then the clacking noise should stop.
[] I am stuck of the final Survivors level in KKND. How can I krush the Evolved?

Set up two oil rigs with refineries, upgrade outpost to full, build missile battery, train loads of snipers, line them up to the northwest, west, southwest and south of base, spread out in lines with a few barrage craft. Slow the southwest evolved base down by destroying their oil rig found close to the cliffs, it will not be replaced. The enemy will not have a chance. You can destroy most of the evolved units by sending in the bomber. Make sure you snipers are not moving when they are being attacked otherwise the enemy will be able to mow you over.

[] My computer is looking a bit dull at the moment, I have MS Plus!. Do you know where I could find some cool game themes?
Try, which contains hundreds of themes of all kinds, or where you can download some of you favourite games' theme.
[] Website will contain many images, what image formats should I use and when?

In this Website I have used two formats of image: GIFs and JPegs. GIFs are good for page titles if they are interlaced, as they can immediately show the text so someone will be able to tell what the page is even if the image hasn't finished downloading. Transparency is available with GIFs making the image look good against a background, when the image is not rectangular. GIFs are not as good as JPegs when there are many colours, like gradients as they only contain 256 colours, but the palette can be customise and if used correctly can make gradients appear very accurately indeed. JPegs can be very small if the compression rate is large, making the time taken for the page to load very small. JPegs are also good for portraying an image very accurately, if compression is low.

GIFs Accurate and smaller file size than JPegs if not too many colours are used. Good for titles if interlaced, adaptable to backgrounds (with transparency). Small file size even with very large images if few colours are used.
JPegs Adjustable compression rate, making it easier to prioritise quality (low compression) or download time (high compression). File size is almost the same however many colours are used, making it an image format which is very good for photographs and most large images.
[] I've inserted a form in my web page. All my efforts have failed, the form never reaches me.

Tell the form to e-mail the form to you. Guaranteed success will be achieved if you follow copy this text to your page. Customise the form and change text in yellow or view and copy from form.txt.

<form method="POST" action="" enctype="text/plain" name="your-form-name">
<table border="0">
<td><input type="text" name="Name" size="20"></td>
<td><input type="text" name="Email" size="20"></td>
<td><textarea rows="3" name="Message" cols="20" wrap="virtual"></textarea></td>
<td colspan="2"><div align="center"><center><p><input type="submit" value="Send"
name="Submit"><input type="reset" value="Reset" name="Delete"></td>


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