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Dune 2


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Atreides Ordos Harkonnen
Ordos Harkonnen


Red Splat This page contains the full Dune 2 download. It is a download that some people have been searching very hard for, for a long time. Dune 2 is becoming increasingly difficult to find on the internet so I have made it easy for you; including lots of utilities like Dunedit, to edit maps and units. Arrakis, the future of Dune 2, can be download from here, with all the extras. Please have a look at the stuff available and please send your comments or contact me if you want to have your own army's page added here.

Red Splat Atreides Harvester collecting Spice MelangeThe screenshots are all taken from the game. The Atreides are the House which is for peace, but they find warfare can be the only path to success. Ordos just want money, and lots of it. They come from an ice world, therefore all their goods have to be traded. Harkonnen are the evil House, they don't care how many people die in order to obtain the most spice melange.



The Harkonnen Mentat at the introduction screen briefing you on your mission The Harkonnen Starport facility allows you to trade your spice for weaponary
The Ordos Mentat vaguely explaining about the Heavy Construction Yard Atreides Final Level Screenshot showing advanced units



Red Splat Download the full version of Dune 2, it is sized at 4MB. The compressed file contains a text document to help answer some end-of-level questions, and to show the worth of your buildings and vehicles. There is also a mission editor for Dune 2 for you to alter the scenarios to your own specification. A large part of material here was contributed from there by Ben and Ryan and Stefan Hendricks , who has his site hosted here. please tell them what you think of their work. Please send them your own maps for Dune 2 and they will be added to this page.  Hints, hacks and cheats are now available, just view the Dune 2 Hints.


Screen of the Dune II map editor Dune II - The possibilities with multiple armies



Red Splat Stefan Hendricks has a site designed by Nahoo. Please have a look at Arrakis, where you will find lots of information on scenario, map and unit editing and up-to-date news on Arrakis and Arrakis2K.

Sardaukar scenario add-on screenshot Arrakis - The new Dune II


All Dune, Dune 2 and Dune 2000 related downloads can now be found at 

Name Description Size
Dune II Full original version of the classic strategy game with extras 4.9MB
Dune II Atreides New campaign for the Atreides in a multi-army Dune II 90KB
Dune II Depaker Unpacks the PAK files to edit scenarios individually 10KB
Dune II Harkonnen Selection of Harkonnen missions for Dune II 30KB
Dune II Editor 1.24 Mission editor and constructor for all armies by Stefan Hendricks 110KB
Dune II Editing Help Definitive help guide for editing missions with Dune Editor 400KB
Dune II Intro JPG images from the introduction of Dune II 350KB
Dune II Languages Support for French and German game play 580KB
Dune II Missions Complete set of original missions extracted from PAK file 110KB
Dune II Mission Patch Patch for Fremen, Mercenary and Sardaukar missions 30KB
Dune II Ordos Selection of Ordos missions for Dune II 30KB
Dune II Patch Awesome hack that removes copy protect 20KB
Dune II Seeds All Seed Maps, Atreides and Harkonnen are revealed, plus 6 unknowns 70KB
Dune II Sound Sort out your sound card problems with this sound patch 70KB
Dune II Unit Editor Excellent unit and building editor 50KB
Arrakis Patch Patch Arrakis 1.12 to Version 1.13. Extract to your Arrakis folder 125 KB
Arrakis EPack Arrakis Map editing pack for Arrakis version 1.12 93KB
Arrakis Attack Music files can be used with version 1.13 of Arrakis, extract to the Arrakis directory 717KB
Arrakis Buildings Music files for Arrakis 909KB
Arrakis Mask 2 Music files for Arrakis 1.8MB
Arrakis MPack 10 New maps for Arrakis, arrmore.bat will let you play the extra missions 64KB


Red Splat If you wish to add any of your own downloads, scenarios, strategies, screenshots or written material, please contact me for site queries; Jonathan Lui, Ben and Ryan or Stefan Hendricks for scenario editing queries.


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