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Chestnut Foot BridgeWe are using Greenwood Working techniques to make various products in Sweet Chestnut. This is part of a sustained forestry management programme in Cornwall. Chestnut is as durable as oak, it needs no treatment because of the high levels of tannin in the heart wood. The hand crafted look of worked wood is a traditional and subtle look, each panel has sufficient variation to add to the overall sculptural interest.

We make diagonal trellis fencing panels in standard sizes to fix to walls for climbing plants and to free stand as fencing, with riven posts. We also make picket fences using half rounds of chestnut, which make effective cottage type boundaries. Sizes are from 0.75m - 1.8m high, all at 1.8m long.

Sketch of Post and Rail FencingWe also make Rose arbours and pergolas. Small gates, to match fencing. Riven posts in varying sizes to act as tree stakes, or for stock fencing. Along foot paths a riven wood stile is attractive durable and safe.

Chestnut is a non conductor for electric fences. The wood weathers to an attractive silver shade. We can use non toxic wood stain, in various shades, to suit taste.

We am always delighted to work and travel to any special project that a client may conceive. We have accomplished several Pergolas using whole timber, bridges for walkways over streams, bird hides, sheds, privies, porches and summer houses.

Using our products will help sustain a woodland as a viable landscape for plants and wildlife, whilst keeping people living and working in the countryside maintaining skills essential for the future.


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