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My Sites


Red Splat Here are some of the sites I have made, please feel free to have a look around each one. Comments, as usual, are welcome!


Nahoo Nahoo

This is the current site you are currently looking at. This site contains everything I can think to put on to a site. There are games, movie reviews, downloads, academic studies from GCSEs and current A-Level coursework, plus my personal interests.

Hot Magma Hot

The high content games site has had a good improvement on the visuals. Previously owned by Roupen, I have taken over this domain and hope to make it a success once more. The designed has been based on hot magma, the molten rock that erupts out of volcanoes, warm colours to contrast with the areas of blue. Please don't complain if there is a similarity between the menu and the Star Trek logo design.

The WarZone The

My cool games site, specialising in real-time strategy games. There are reviews, previews, news, screenshots, downloads, strategies, strategy links, quizzes, java games and much more. I have used an original layout and design for this site. Much of the material available here would be of great interest to all players!

Webforge Web

New venture between me and my Australian friend: Axeman. We will design any site to any specification with zero effort on the customer's part. There are also a lot of resources here for people who want to make their own site.

QuikSite Quik

The latest in web site design, I bring you: QuikSite. This service offers an amazing web site for people who want something quick and also want excellent results. I started this site after realising the potential of graphic layering to ease the process of producing customis ed web sites.

Game Tropics Game

This is the follow-on from designing AoE Network (below). I am especially proud of this design because I managed to fit a large amount of interactive content in a small area. The design reflects the "tropical" theme, with vibrant oranges, reds, blues and turquoises.

This design has no been changed due to expansion

AoK Network AoK

A revamp of the previous Age of Empires version of the network, this site is based on two screens taken from the game. Headers and side menus are laid out on the scenery from the game. The site content and menus can be  easily modified without any hassle and the scripts still function even if links are removed. Despite the initial loading time of the images, I feel this site shows off some of fantastic artwork in the game.

This design has now been changed due to expansion

RCT Station RCT

A nice example of a QuikSite design being used as a popular gaming site. I am helping Scott, a friend of Ogre, start up this site. It contains detailed information on Roller Coaster Tycoon, screen shots, downloads, multimedia based on the game and a wealth of other content. The pages can be changed easily with FrontPage or Dreamweaver, using style sheets and hidden tags.

This design has now been changed due to expansion

David Hearle David

This was designed to show my fathers work on the internet. There is loads of information on landscaping, fencing and woodworking techniques. Chestnut fencing products can be requested and queries can be made on any aspect of his work.

Animal Tracks Animal

My first fully featured e-commerce site. This project is one of the largest so far, with hundreds of teddies, prints and other collectables for sale. The design makes it easy to navigate and find what you want quickly. The menu is made using Flash, quick to load and offers some comforting mouse effects. This site is aimed a animal lovers and I think it reaches this goal very well.

Party World Party

A fun and colourful site, completely constructed from one Flash animation. There are photo galleries to browse through in a video frame and funny noises to be heard from every click. There are costumes, masks, balloons and wedding accessories on offer, take a look.

The Old School Pub The

From black and white leaflets to a working site - The Old School Public House web site has been fun. I have utilised two types of image changing scripts simultaneously to give a unique navigation experience. I have also included a Macromedia Flash poster animation to attract customers to their Christmas dinner. This site has a rigid theme of checkered areas and soft brown cloth, I think it fits the style of pub well.  

Mounts Bay Music Mounts

Unfortunately I have been unsuccessful in uploading pages on to the server. I have complained to FreeServe, but they are totally useless in every aspect. In the end, I gave up trying and went with a free web space server: Tripod UK. I made this site to advertise the music shop where I work, in Penzance. There are facilities available for ordering online, but as I made the site with no material whatsoever, the pages are quite general.

Artists Brushes Artists

A single, simple page detailing the impressive high quality water colour brushes made from Kazan squirrel hair. This page was almost directly transferred from a poster I had previously made on Word.

Learn English in Cornwall Learn
English in

Another freeserve user, which had to be converted (to gatewaynet). This site was a touch up from a MS Publisher site. It is advertising tuition in English for people who want to learn the language from other countries. I hope you like the colourful design, something that many sites lack; used correctly, colour cheers visitors up.

RozieJazz Rozie

A cool jazzy site made with my friend: Rosie. The content is of a good quality and the whole site looks very promising indeed. Rosie likes blues and purples, so we made a site using those colours. There are some smaller designs around the place, draw out by Rosie and digitalised by me. 

This design has now been changed due to expansion

Roman de Valance Roman

This site is unlike most of the others here, it relies more heavily on image changes for navigation. Roman came over, and we mapped the site out from start to finish. it was initially based on a single crater taken from a picture, but I later changed the design to make it bolder. I hope this site achieves its aim: to get Roman noticed for his acting skills.

Lotus Downloads Lotus

This site is similar to the download section of Nahoo, except with the aim of having a greater number of downloads. This site is hosted at HotMagma and contains lots of hard-to-find downloads. The menu and title are Flash animations and the site is easily managed using SSI and a style sheet link.

Livingend Living

A cool Australian band site, with a good supply of media and information. I tried to make this site more interesting by adding some textures to the backgrounds and simplifying the HTML coding in places. The design flows well and certainly serves its purpous.

Dirtbusters Dirt

Well, at least I can say that I have designed sites for lots of different kinds of uses. The site was completely messed up by a local site design company. I remade the site from scratch, copying old text content into the respective pages. Images were also optimised for their appearance.

Helen Evers on Abortion Abortion

Covering the serious issue of abortion, Helen is gathering information to use in her debates in A-level French and Spanish. Initially, this site was made using FrontPage Express on college computers, but later I put together a proper site at home.  I feel that some of the imagery used is biased, but Helen prefers it that way. If you have strong views either way on this subject, please add your comments to her site.

Nina's Site Nina's

I constructed this site using FrontPage Express, at a friend's house. Nina is aged 12, currently studying at secondary school. This site is her "Nahoo", it shows all her interests and shows you games and talks about her holidays. I built this site with Nina telling me what to do, she now has complete control over what goes in. I have to remind her to keep it updated, as several pages are untouched.

Rockley Rockley

The site of the Rockley family, containing photos of hedgehogs, StarGate and StarTrek. A strange combination but that's what Ruth and Leah are interested about. This site was made using a slightly modified theme within FrontPage 2000. It didn't take long to setup, but some of the hedgehog photos needed a bit of searching.

Jeff's Site (current design has changed) Jeff's

Jeff is a good friend who lives in the small fishing village of Roscoff in Brittany, France. Last summer I stayed at his house for a few days, where we made a site, in between cycling around the region. I have to say his design is a little to be desired and many of the images and pages have bad links. This screenshot shows what my version of home page looked like for a couple months. The whole site has now been changed by Jeff, according to his taste. As the site belongs to Jeff so, it is up to him to put in what he likes!

This design is now unused, a new site has been made by the author

Rabid Carnivore Counter Strike Clan Rabid

This site is a Half-Life expansion clan site, holding a list of very keen Counter Strike players. When I saw Ken's original design it made my eyes want to squint. The background was blood (bright) red and the text was some other bright colour. I set up his site as a sub-domain at Game Tropics with help from my friend, Ogre. The new site design suits the theme of the game and looks pretty cool at the same time.

Game Reality Game

A joint new gaming site project with Fuel. I designed the main page you see here. It is still in its early stages, but should be really worth a visit when it gets underway. Fuel liked the colours I used in WarZone, so we kept the design similar.

Arrakis Arrakis

Another project, this time with Stefan Hendrik, a game designer. This site will display our progress as the game "Arrakis" develops. Its based on the original real time strategy game: Dune II.

World at Ruins World

Cool online roll playing gaming. Only the site design and in-game UGI was made by me, but Roupen has be very kind in supplying other web design work. This game will be very promising on completion and it worth a visit if your are interested in RPGs. I am currently working on the UGI of the sequel real-time online strategy game, see War Palace.

Truro College Intranet Truro

This little bit of free advertising around the college and a huge relief from the awful design that had previously glared you in the face. I used their previous frame layout and based it on the green logo of the college. I tried to make the design lighter than its predecessor. In addition, some of the buttons now wink at you. Unfortunately, this is all you can see of this site, as it is not actually on the internet.

Truro College - Open Access Workshop Open

The second part in the free-site-for-some-advertising-campaign. It has also proved fairly successful , within a day someone from the college wanted me to build a site for them. This site is heavily Flash 4 based, the main menu and title are made using Flash animations. I knew they would always work on the Internet Explorer 5 based network. However, most of the screen resolutions are very low, so I kept it bright, but still surprising small in every respect. 

Truro College Student Association- Student

One of the direct follow-ups from the main intranet site. This site is, yet again, based on the greenish college logo. It is a very basic design, this makes it very easy to update and nothing should go wrong... at least I hope.

WarCraft3 Network Warcraft

I was pleased with stone effect produced using textures and fill effects in Paint Shop Pro 5.1. The characters are taken from screen shots of the game. Scott was happy with this design until he changed servers, he now has a more simple coloured table design which is a little quicker to load.

This design has now been changed due to expansion

Cyber Gararge Cyber

A quick touch-up to Fuel's Cybergarage site design. This was the lead-up to the Game Reality project. Please have a visit and submit your ideas for Fuel to add to his site.

Cornwall - Eclipse 1999 Eclipse

This is a personal project, advertising homes to rent during the eclipse near where I live. The total eclipse took place in 11th August 1999. As the eclipse has already taken place, this site is now closed.

This site is no longer updated


Red Splat Please, please send your comments, I want some feedback!

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