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Trellis Fencing

Trellis Fences

Strong, heavy duty fence panels with diagonal lathes. Effective wind breaks, not likely to blow away like larch lap panels, when free standing. Climbing plants scramble easily through it when attached to a wall. Heights and lengths of trellis fence are made to fit your special needs. Effective as a boundary fence, on top of a wall, or to divide a patio from a garden. Although one can see through them, they offer subtle privacy.

Trellis Fences


Trellis with Sunburst

Ideal for large wind brakes, decorative fencing and for climbing plants. Useful for extending rose arbours, or standing by itself.

Trellis with Sunburst


Picket Fencing

Two kinds of picket fences are available. Nailed on alternate sides, pickets help reduce wind flow. Corner diagonals can be removed so that fence can be adjusted to the ground angle. Pickets will make a very effective barrier against dogs and to protect children. Thicker pickets, usually half round, nailed on one side look more formal and are ideal as boundary fences around cottage type gardens. All pickets are pointed to shed water, but are not unfriendly.

Picket Fencing on a wall

Wide Picket Fence


Post and Rail Fencing

Post and Rail Fencing Sketch

Traditional stock proof fencing, which will make an enclosure look more like a country park than an American ranch. The rails are riven and made to fit an individual mortise in the post. Complete round posts have bored mortise holes to fit either two or three rails.

Post and Rail Fencing at Trewidden Estate

Posts and rails will require expert erection, this is service which we can offer. The photos here show the post and rail fencing, made and erected by us. 

Post and Rail Fencing at Trewidden Estate

Many people have now contacted us from all over the world. If you live outside the UK and require information about the techniques employed. We are very glad to help in any way we can. 

The products will pack down, and can be erected on site. Shipping can be done at cost and is often cheaper than one might expect.


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